Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

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Responsive Website Design

The term Responsive web design refers to a platform that seamlessly adjusts to the user’s device providing a high-quality experience on any website. With this type of design, a user can effortlessly read and navigate a website on any device. A non-responsive website will usually have issues such as links that are un-clickable, illegible text and large images as well as poor navigation. The demand for this type of web design has increased tremendously, especially after Google decided to favor websites that are optimized for mobile devices. Having a website that adapts to the the device that is being used has numerous benefits:

Better Google Rankings

With a responsive website, users can easily read your content and navigate through the site. Therefore, you are likely to receive more visitors and leads. As a result, Google’s algorithm will give your website a higher rank in the search results. Users can find your site regardless of the device they are using and get the relevant information without any issues.

Amazing User Experience can lead to more sales

It’s quite inconveniencing if visitors have to zoom in or out every time they are reading particular sections of your website. Even worse, if the links don’t work, or navigation is confusing, your visitors will go to other websites. With a responsive website design, users can enjoy an incredible user experience no matter which device they use. With lots of visitors coming to your site, having a responsive design can convert them into customers, which will result in more sales and revenue from your site. If you combine having a responsive web design with other SEO services, your rankings will increase, leading to more traffic and thereby increasing the overall sales.

Save money

Originally, if you wanted your website to be usable for users with mobile devices, you had to develop an entirely separate website. Thanks to advances in recent years and the concept of responsive web design, you can just incorporate the mobile aspects into your original website. Even better, you can save both time and money that would have been used to maintain the two separate versions of your site.

Weeding out the competitors

Many website owners still consider responsive web design as new. As a matter of fact, many sites haven’t incorporated the new layout. If you update your site to be responsive, you are at least one step ahead of your competitors and ready for the future. Take for example an e-commerce site: If it is designed correctly, it’s easier for people to shop online with different mobile devices. Normally, someone has to visit different pages and redirected to various pages to complete a purchase. Thanks to responsive web design, this has become effortless. Users can shop from your site any time and on any device without any hassles. And because nowadays most people always have their phones on them, making it easy for them to browse your site will pay off in the long term.

Responsive Webdesign as part of a SEO strategy

Having your website redesigned can be part of a bigger online strategy. While the redesign itself can improve your rankings, combining it with a Search Engine Optimization package will drastically improve your search engine positions and put you miles ahead of your competition. To learn more about what we can do for you, head over to our client intake form and fill it out. We will get back to you promptly.

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